Liberar LG v495 ocotpus

Unlock testeado celular LG v495 octopus box

Liberar LG v495 con octopus

Forma de Unlock al celular LG v495 con la herramienta de octopus box aunque también debe de salir con z3x box.

Log del proceso de desbloqueo:

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.9.1
Checking data...OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM7
Selected model: V495
Reading info...
Model ID: LG-V495
IMEI: 358169-06-964762-7
Android version: 6.0
Battery level: 42%
Trying to enable Diagnostics ports...
Found model DAAAANAZ: ÿj· at port COM7
Reading QCN...
Send SPC...OK
Reading Mobile Property...OK
Reading Feature Mask...OK
Reading Roaming List 0...OK
Reading NV_Numbered Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM1 Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM2 Items...OK
Reading NV Items...OK
Reading EFS...OK
Reading Provisioning Items...OK
Reading QCN done!
Backup saved to "V495_358169069647627_02-01-2019_20-57-46.qcn"
Do you want to create security backup?
Switching to Download mode...OK
Initializing flash...OK
Reading partitions...OK
Detecting writing method...OK
Reading security area...OK
Backup saved to "V495_358169069647627_02-01-2019_21-49-15.SEC"
Switching to Normal mode...
Found model DAAAANAZ: ÿj· at port COM7
Writing security area...OK
Rebooting phone...
Found model DAAAANAZ: ÿj· at port COM7
Phone successfully unlocked!
To complete the operation, please make Factory Reset (Go to "Settings" -> 
"General" -> "Backup & reset" -> "Factory data reset", press "Reset 
phone" and "Erase everything" buttons).
Performed by 2.9.1 Software version.

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